Youth working together for a better tomorrow and a cleaner world.

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WHO WE ARE: YFACE is a nonprofit organization for children, teens, and young adults that is dedicated to increasing environmental awareness, helping our youth make life in their communities better, and fostering pride in accomplishment, respect for self and others, compassion, and leadership in our youth.

History. Youth For A Cleaner Environment was born in December 2000 from Janice James' vision of having a very active and visible environmental group for the city's youth, and of taking that group beyond occasional neighborhood cleanup efforts into something much more.

Her vision focuses not only on environmental awareness and responsibility, but on helping our youth develop the skills, leadership abilities, and attitudes that will help them build a better future for themselves, their communities, and the world we all live in.

YFACE has both an adult board and a junior board, actively dedicated to the organization's mission and principles.

The YFACE mission statement and principles. The mission of Youth For A Cleaner Environment is to provide youth 5 and up with the opportunities to learn how to protect their environment and improve their community through education, networking, and volunteering.

To these goals and principles we pledge our faithfulness.

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